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Coconut Oil for Dogs




Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs



The advantages of feeding your dog coconut oil are far-reaching:


  • Reduces risk of cancers
  • Improves digestion and addresses digestive disorders
  • Promotes normal thyroid function
  • Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections
  • Helps balance metabolism for a healthy weight
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Supports healthy skin and coat, including clearing up "hot spots"
  • Helps stop Dementia in older dogs
  • Reduces bad breath.


Applied topically coconut oil can do the following:



  • Disinfect cuts
  • Improve skin and coat condition, gets rid of doggy smell.
  • Speed wound healing
  • Clear up rashes and hot spots - click HERE for explanation of hot spots


The optimum dose for dogs is about 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight daily, or 1 tablespoon per 30 pounds. But don’t start with these amounts. Instead, introduce coconut oil a little at a time in divided doses. Because coconut oil kills harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, and fungi, the burden of removing dead organisms can trigger symptoms of detoxification. Headaches, fatigue, diarrhoea, and flu-like symptoms are common in humans who consume too much too fast, and similar symptoms can occur in dogs.


Even in healthy dogs, large amounts of coconut oil can cause diarrhoea or greasy stools while the body adjusts. Start with small amounts, such as ¼ teaspoon per day for small dogs or puppies and 1 teaspoon for large dogs. Gradually increase the amount every few days. If your dog seems tired or uncomfortable or has diarrhoea, reduce the amount temporarily.

If you find after that it still makes them loose then pumpkin seeds will help firm them up a bit.

We don't have this problem as we feed our 3 dogs on a diet of raw meat and bones which keeps them firm.


Lastly, whatever brand of coconut oil you buy, make sure it is Raw Virgin Organic oil and NOT refined, even buying from health shops is no guarantee as one friend found out.They bought a jar from their local health shop being assured it was 100% natural.

It turns out that it is infact refined oil, (I have the written evidence from the manufacturer) which takes out a lot of the goodness, this brand of coconut oil is readily sold on ebay and it is very cheap (email me for the make, it's one to avoid if you want raw organic).

People buying this think they have a bargain, they haven't if they want the real thing!

It's ok for applying topically but if you want the real health benefits of the oil, buy raw organic.

Here's a link to a site that is full of information about coconut oil and is BACKED up with scientific research here



This information is meant to supplement, not replace, advice from your veterinarian, and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your pet's specific health circumstances. If you have a specific health question about your pet, contact your veterinarian.


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