LOCATA ™ is for sale



I am putting the product Locata ™ up for sale, lock stock and barrel.

The price will be £2,000 and will include the following

All materials used in the making of Locatas that I don't need for other products, which will be


Nylon material

PU coated nylon material

Hook and Loop tape

Clear PVC material

Nylon Webbing

Flat elastic

Reflective cloth backed tape

Plastic loops

Plastic re sealable pouches used inside Locata and for packaging



All patterns including the Master Copies

All master copies on hard drive for fonts and forms etc

All labels and forms that are ready printed

All current stock including approximately 85 ready made sleeved and un sleeved waistcoats ready for the Locata to be sewn on.

The transfer of the Trade Mark in to your name 

One week's full training on how to make them if needed/wanted

Further assistance with design and new ideas as and when needed for 5 years after sale

AND over 30 years of experience and research has gone in to my TRADE contacts, the suppliers of the raw materials to make these Locatas, the list of those will be included too


I want to leave Locata ™ to someone else who can take it to the next level, someone with more sales experience than I possess.

The opportunity is there, just needs the right person, are you THAT person?

Could you make these en mass to satisfy the market?

I have sold them to equestrian wholesalers and equestrian retailers in the UK and to customers here and around the world.

I have other projects I want to develop so Locata is up for sale.

I will continue to make them until Locata is sold.


Any questions message me on unicornleather@gmail.com