As you can see, I am no longer taking Paypal.

If you wish to order any goods please use bank transfer.

I will need you to send me an email to unicornleather@gmail.com

1.State product code of goods you wish to buy

2.Quantity of each of the goods

3.Colours (if applicable)

4. Size if applicable

5.Your full name


7. Contact phone number incase I need to ask you anything


I will work you out a total and send you a pro forma invoice which can be paid via bank transfer. I'm afraid it is a little slower than buy it now so please be patient and goods ordered may take up to 6 weeks to be made.


I've had it with paypal, the shopping carts not working for some customers, the scams, the fees and chargebacks and anyone who has had dealings with them especially via ebay for the same things will understand. I am going to be paypal free, setting a trend.