Standard size for large fowl like Marans


If you are having trouble with your neighbours over noise your bird/s are making and it is involving the council and/or a court case I can now provide you with a letter that should help your case, please ask me to include it in your order and I will send you a copy.


 £2.85 plus £1.06 postage (UK only)

Worldwide £3.50 postage



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Colours available are:

Top Row : Primrose Yellow

1st Row : Purple, Emerald Green, Pewter (Grey), Black

2nd Row : Burgundy, Buttercup Yellow, Royal Blue, White

3rd Row : Orange, Baby Pink, Red, Brown



Made from shaped soft webbing with rough edges removed so a snug non chafing fit.


Firstly to clear up a few misconceptions that people seem to have about these collars.

The cockerel will still be able to crow if it's fitted correctly by following the full instructions that come with it. 

He will crow but at a greatly reduced volume.

He will be a lot quieter than the noise/s the hens can make so it should not be a problem for neighbours unless they moan about the hens as well?

Remember, you can't please all the people all the time and some will moan about everything if you have chickens!

Secondly, this is not cruel in such it stops them performing as normal.

They can still crow, eat, drink, tread and everything else a self respecting cockerel likes to do.

It won't damage their feathers round their necks as the collar sits UNDER the feathers when it's fitted properly. The feathers simply grow out over the top of the collar.


Standard 1" width collar that fits most ADULT large fowl (Maran size) but can be adjusted from 2.95 inches  right up to 5.31 inches approx. If your bird is not fully grown please measure your bird's neck to see if it will fit before you buy as you may need a smaller size until he's fully grown.

Sussex type birds need slightly larger, ask me for one of those instead, they are the same price as these but you need to tell me you have a Sussex size bird or you will get a standard size collar









NO liability is accepted for the use of this collar, use it at your own risk. WHEN fitted correctly it won't restrict his breathing, if after several attempts at fitting it he is still crowing as loudly then please accept that this collar won't work for your particular bird. No guarantees are given or implied that this collar will work or on the length of time the collar will last as some cockerels still manage to get it off no matter what you do and some just scratch it to pieces. We have had cockerels in this collar for nearly 8 months before we had to re new it. You MUST understand this collar is a last resort for your cockerel, if it doesn't work you may have to get rid of him, all you can do is try it and see. If you don't agree to these terms of use do not buy or use the collar.


Due to some buyers demanding their money back when it doesn't work for their bird  I am making it clear I do not guarantee that the collars will work for every bird, you take your chance. You need to make sure it will fit your bird by measuring the base of his neck, under the feathers and check the size against the size/s given in the listing. If you are not sure, send me the measurements and I will tell you if it will fit or not.