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Take your phone and google duffle bag, see what comes up?

MANY come up that look nothing like the duffle bags I remember from the 1960's and 70's.

 The modern variant although called a duffle bag, is in fact a holdall and is often incorrectly called a duffle.

This, below,  is a holdall not a duffle in the true sense.


I tried online to find a traditional drawstring duffle bag like we used  to carry our PE kit to school in.

I failed to find many that resembled those early duffles.

In 2019 I started coming up with a few ideas for traditional duffle bag style bags as I was wanting to see them back on the market, REAL traditional style duffle bags.

I came up with the patterns as close to the real 1970's style as I could get (or rather remember) and added my own new ideas to improve them. 

My fiance, Helen,  has helped me immensely in the designing of these bags and colour choices, she is extremely experienced and talented  in the textile/sewing trade working for a leading horse rug manufacturer in the past as well as a leading Jeans manufacturer. Her help was invaluable to my quest, I couldn't have done it without her. Helen is joint owner of the Trade Mark.


All of our duffle bags no matter what colour, style or material, are individually made to order. We don't carry stock. There is an internal light, key lock and pocket in each bag. There are between 1 to 2 external pockets on the bags, depending on the style. All are fully lined including the zipped external pocket. The clear plastic pocket can house any logo, written work or picture you choose to put in it. The images in the photos are for display purposes only and do not come with the bags. You can add a picture of your favourite football team, your countries flag , a map, a fishing permit for the day, you can put what ever you like in the pocket, even if it's just your shopping list.


Some saddlery techniques as well as materials and fittings are used in the making of each bag, they are strong, functional and smart.

The bags can be used across the shoulder and body as a traditional duffle bag would have been used or put one rope over each shoulder and use it like a haversack.

The ropes used are extremely comfortable and load bearing, unlike the original drawstring duffles of yesteryear, they used to dig in to your shoulders!

We can do a "pick and mix" style selection on the bags.

Choose the bag colour and then the top & bottom collar colour that you prefer.

If you have a colour of bag that isn't listed please ask us, we may have the material in stock and can make you one up. We have various manufacturers supplying us with quality materials and can often source the exact colour/material you want if we don't carry it.Prices will reflect the quality and materials used, please don't expect cheap imported goods prices or you will be disappointed. 

Prices will be from £55.00 to £65.00 per bag plus carriage.

Would make excellent birthday gifts for loved ones, print out something personal to them, a picture of their favourite car, pet or place for instance and insert it  into the clear plastic pocket before you give it to them to make it a gift that they will cherish for years to come.

All our work carries a 1 year guarantee



Here are a few I have made , they are protoypes but you can see the potential. I have 5 more to make all different in colour and design. If you have any interest in them please message me or to ask any questions on Feedback is good and helps me design what you really want.






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