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  For the time being, I'm not exporting goods to countries in the EU

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If any of you are in the equestrian trade in any way whether Saddlers, Saddle Fitters, Harness makers, Collar makers, Loriners, retailers, trainers, physios , vets etc then I have a private trade only Saddlery group on facebook. Here's the description :


Group for Saddlers and other equestrian related craftsmen and craftswomen to let off steam about the unacceptable standard of work being presented by so called experts and people who sell saddlery and equestrian products as well as repairing and fitting it . As sellers/makers/fitters of this work they have to take some responsibility for their products/services, some of the products are so bad as deemed to be dangerous to use. There are no set standards within the industry for the quality as well as safety (regarding manufacturing) and none are likely to be introduced or enforced any time soon. I feel it is up to us to police our own industry.


If you qualify and would like to come on in and share your experiences, good and bad click HERE 










   Leather Conditioner                     Cable Parachutes

                                                              Discontinued on 31-12-2023



                              Car Door Mirror Covers





                         Quiet crow collar for Cockerels

                                                                    Discontinued on 31-12-2023




                                   Bespoke dog collars




                          Barbed Wire cover for farmers,

                  walkers, hunters, cross country runners




                  Jigsaw carrier for panoramic jigsaws