Our own brand of Security and Medical Emergency tags for lost and/or injured horses, riders , cyclists, motorcyclists, runners the list goes on!


Locatas will be made again, I can't give you any dates for this yet and I am going to redesign them but they WILL be going back in to production this year sometime.I think this virus has made it even more important to carry first aid and medical details and shows us all how vulnerable we have become. It also has made me very aware that we rely on technology far too much. I stopped making Locatas for a variety of reasons but one of the main ones was, with the ever increasing use of mobile phones and apps, people were simply using their phones to locate them in an emergency as well as having all their details loaded on to the phone. Ok, I accept that that is good and an easy way to deal with an emergency. NOW rethink the scene, you come off your horse and are laying injured and unable to move with a possible broken neck (possibly paralysing you if you were moved) and breathing difficulties (possible broken ribs that could rupture/piece a lung if you were moved). The horse has galloped off but has been injured too and is wandering. Someone finds the horse but the phone you carry is with you, they have no idea your horse is possibly on medication and needs specialist treatment as no details for the horse, they are not horsey people and don't know what to do.

You in the meantime are still laying badly injured, someone finds you and hasn't got any first aid training, they remove your hat/helmet and move you, remember you have a serious neck injury and breathing difficulties their innocent, well meaning but untrained actions have just possibly seriously increased your injuries to critical. You are somewhere off the beaten track, it's a dog walker who found you, they have found your phone on you but no signal on your phone to phone for help and their battery is flat, NOW that's when the Locatas come in to their own.Not only would they advise NOT to have removed your hat/helmet or move you but they carry first aid instructions and advice to the person finding the horse and will have all your important details for you and your horse in them. As I said, we rely on technology too much, transmitters can be down, batteries can be flat, computers can crash, signals of all kinds can be bad or non existent............ food or thought



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